Ex-Manchester United superstar has problems with his current manager

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It looks unthinkable, but Juventus might soon find themselves in a position where it would be best to seek and move Cristiano Ronaldo on to a new club.

It does seem like every little thing has been blown up out of proportion in recent weeks, but it was clear that Cristiano Ronaldo was unhappy when he was hauled off early in the second half against AC Milan.

The Sun has recently reported on some comments made by former Italian international Antonio Cassano, and it appears he thinks there’s a big problem between Maurizio Sarri and Ronaldo.

Speaking about the possible rift, the former Roma and AC Milan star said: “I think Ronaldo has a big problem with Sarri. Everything started with two consecutive substitutions, which will irritate any player.”

He went on to add: “In my opinion, there’s a problem between them and Juventus have succeeded in playing it down.”

It will be exciting to see what Juventus decide to so if there really is a rift between the player and the manager. It would be astonishing to see them try to force him out in January, but it might not be a massive surprise if he left in the Summer.

He turns 35-year-old next year so he can’t be seen as a long term option for anyone. We tend to see older players linked with China or MLS, but he does appear to be driven with his fascination with the Champions League, so a stay in Europe seems the most likely.

A return to Old Trafford would be fascinating to see, but it would completely go against the signing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has tried to identify in new windows. He would instantly give them a superstar to drag them to victory in some matches but could derail their current squad building efforts.