Juventus eyeing move for Chelsea creative forward

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In many ways, it makes sense that teams won’t want to dish out long contracts to a footballer once they get older, but you can also understand why a footballer would want some security.

If they agree to a short agreement and get injured then it leaves them out on a limb, but the team might argue that they would be stuck with a veteran on a high wage who can’t contribute anymore if they sign them up for too long.

That’s a situation with Willian Borges at Stamford Bridge just now, with his deal coming to an end this Summer. The possibility of him moving to Bianconeri, and it looks a reunion with Maurizio Sarri could be possible if they are willing to offer a three-year contract.

They report that talks with Blues have stalled because they are only offering two years when he wants three, so that could leave the door open for Old Lady to make a move. He turns 32 in the Summer so it would be a risk, but with no transfer fee, it could be worth taking a chance on Willian.